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Sensory Play: Dinosaur Ice Excavation!

I recently found this activity online and in my opinion it looked pretty awesome. So I may have planned it for my own selfish reasons. But luckily the three year old actually enjoyed it and I wasn’t the only one playing! It’s so easy to prep too. If you already have little plastic dinosaurs – perfect – if… Continue reading Sensory Play: Dinosaur Ice Excavation!

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How to make sensory bottles

Yesterday one of the twins was off school sick but as she started to feel better we decided to get crafty. We made some jewellery, did some colouring and we made some sensory bottles. We made two different kinds, one made with vegetable oil and the other just water. For the ocean sensory bottle you… Continue reading How to make sensory bottles

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Sensory Play – Mess Free Painting Activity

All you need is: Cling film Sellotape Paint This is such a quick and fun activity to set up and mess free! To set up: Get your cling film and roll it over a table then cut to size. Sellotape the cling film to the table. Squirt some paint on top of the cling film… Continue reading Sensory Play – Mess Free Painting Activity